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Why do we ask? Funding agencies sometimes require us to report demographic information about our participants. This question is optional. The gender has no effect on the registration or the workshop participation. We do not use this information when preparing or giving a workshop. We may use the gender balance information when writing reports to our funding organizations about our workshops.

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Which version of operating system are you using? If your operating system is Linux, which distribution are you using?

This will help us to create more targeted installation instructions.
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Are you using automated testing in your programming project(s)? *

Are you using code coverage analysis in your programming project(s)? *

These are tools and services like Gcov, Cobertura, Codecov, Coveralls, Code Climate, etc.

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Are you using the Travis or Jenkins continuous integration service in your programming project(s)? *

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Which build tool(s) are you using or will you use in your project(s)? *

Are you using a web-based repository for your code(s)? Which ones? *

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How comfortable are you with the Unix/Linux command line working in a terminal window? *

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Please select the sessions that you are most interested in.

We ask this because we are not sure which audience we get and we try to adapt the schedule to the audience. We will try to reduce topics that are not relevant to the audience and present more of the topics which are most interesting to the audience.

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